Sponsors help athletes put Niue on the map

Niue’s athletes, who do so much to put Niue on the world map, rely heavily on sponsorship in order to compete.

Rupina Morrissey, manager of the Niue Athletics Association team at the Oceania Athletics Meet in Cairns in September, says the team would not have been able to attend without the funding support of Internet Niue.

“They have been our principal sponsor in recent months. Internet Niue funded an electronic timer for local competition, all the travel and uniform costs for the Oceania team and also paid for the uniforms of the Niue Commonwealth Games team in Delhi,” she said.

“It is not realistic for sports teams from a small country like ours to pay their own way when competing in international competitions and we greatly value the support of our sponsors.

“The Government plays an important role, but its resources are limited too. So we were thrilled when Internet Niue stepped up to the plate. Other businesses have made important contributions in the past and we will be reliant on them doing so in the future.”

Mrs Morrisey says our sportsmen and women have no equals when it comes to putting Niue on the map. In Delhi and Cairns, the Niue teams performed well and attracted “heaps” of coverage in media around the world.

Per Darnell, the president of The IUSN Foundation which funds Internet Niue, says the Foundation was pleased to sponsor the two teams.

“We wanted to communicate the message that while the internet offers huge benefits to the people of Niue, it is still important to lead a balanced life style which includes regular exercise.

“The NAA in particular has been very successful in getting most villages and the young and the old involved in athletics. I can’t think of any other country that has achieved this level of community involvement in any form of exercise. It is truly impressive.”

He says there is growing concern around the world that young people are spending too much time hooked up to their computers. Excessive time spent on the computer is being linked with a lack of exercise and growing levels of obesity and obesity-related diseases.

“The internet is fantastic. It makes Niue part of the global village. But internet users also need to remember to keep fit – and what better place to do it than in Niue’s great outdoors.”

Mr Darnell says The IUSN Foundation’s main priority at present is to fund the completion of Internet Niue’s WiFi network to all villages on the island, the installation of a second satellite dish and shifting transmissions to the new frequency required by the Government of Niue.

“These are major investments.”


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