The rock in the middle

Niue is situated at Latitude 19 deg S and Longitude 169 deg 50’ W, 2200 kilometres northeast of New Zealand, 368 kilometres east of Tonga, 600 km southeast of Samoa and 900 kilometres west of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

It is 11 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time and 23 hours behind New Zealand Standard time.

Surrounded by deep ocean, Niue has a total surface area of 260 square kilometres. It is one of the world’s largest coral islands and smallest self-governing states.

The island is surrounded by a narrow low terrace, where the island’s 14 villages are located. Behind the terrace are 30 metre cliffs.

The interior of the island is basically a saucer-shaped plateau, which is covered in scrub, second-growth trees and gardens. In the southeast at Huvalu, a large area of virgin rainforest has been set aside for conservation.

Sources: and Niue by Charles Cooper. Reed Children’s Books, 2000. ISBN 18694884

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