Who calls the shots?

Niue has a democratically elected parliamentary government with 20 elected representatives in the Fale Fono (Niuean Assembly). One member is elected by each of the 14 villages and the remaining six from a common national roll.

The Premier and the Speaker of the House are chosen by a vote by the 20 elected representatives.  The Premier then selects and presides over a cabinet of ministers, drawn from all  members  of parliament. There are no formal political parties in Niue.

General elections are held once every three years. In the most recent,  on 7 May 2011, three new members were elected on the common roll, with PM Hon Toke Talagi topping the vote. There was only one change in the village seats, with Salilo Tongia beating  Tofua Puletama in a close contest for Makefu. After members were sworn in, Talagi — with 12 of 20 votes — was re-elected Premier for the term ending 2014 .

Following the 2011 election, there was a successful High Court challenge to the swearing in of Dion Taufitu, the successful candidate for the constituency seat of Toi. A by-election followed in which Taufitu increased his majority from five to seven of the 18 votes cast.

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