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Talo Growing

Subsistence agriculture is still very much part of the Niue lifestyle and economy. Although most families can afford imported foods – such as canned corned beef, frozen chicken and rice – they also have a strong cultural link to the land and the food they can grow.

Niue’s tropical climate allows many crops to be grown, although cultivation is made difficult by the jagged limestone pinnacles that dot the landscape. Other challenges include limited areas of fertile soil and dry seasons with little or no rainfall for up to three months.

Crops grown include talo (taro), yams, and tapioca, and tree crops such as coconut, breadfruit, papaya, mango and bananas. These crops also sustain the production of pigs. Talo and noni (for its juice) is also grown commercially for export to New Zealand.

Tropical fruits – along with traditional local foods like uga (coconut crabs), talo, breadfruit, cassava and shellfish – can be bought at the makete (local market) that runs every Tuesday and Friday morning in central Alofi, the capital.

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