Plenty to celebrate

If you travel to Niue in mid-October, you are likely to find yourself taking part in a week of celebrations. Constitution Week begins on the Monday that falls nearest to 19 October – Constitution Day – and continues until the following Monday, when Peniamina’s Day is celebrated.

Constitution Day celebrates the signing of the Compact of Free Association between Niue and New Zealand on 19 October 1974. This compact gave Niue self-government, while retaining for the people of Niue all the rights of New Zealand citizens. New Zealand is responsible for the defence of Niue provides the Government of Niue with financial assistance.

Peniamina’s Day is in honour of Peniamina, a Samoan-trained Niuean Pastor who returned with Samoan missionaries to his village of Mutalau in 1846. He is credited with bringing the Christianity to Niue.


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