New Terms of Use Agreement

Internet has published a new Terms of Use Agreement for its services, which now applies to all private and commercial customers. The terms are made up of two documents – an Acceptable Use Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The new wording spells out as simply as we can the rights and obligations of both Internet Niue and our customers. Legal fine print has been kept to a minimum so, if you are a customer, please read the Agreement. It applies to you.

The Acceptable Use Policy won’t change anything if you simply use the internet to browse for information, buy and download music, and stay in contact with family and friends. But for anyone who is tempted to send out spam or offensive emails, or to try a bit of hacking, or to download pirated copies of videos and music – don’t, you will be breaching the Terms of Use Agreement and probably the law as well.

In the Terms and Conditions we promise to always do our best to provide customers with reliable and high quality internet services.

However we cannot guarantee that our services will be accessible at all times or fault-free.  Nor can we guarantee to provide connections or services in all locations. Storms, Acts of God, electricity supply failures and Niue’s rugged landscape are just a few of the obstacles that stand in the way of our providing customers with the perfect service we aspire to.

To make the service as perfect as we can, the Terms and Conditions spell out your obligations to us. Things like looking after our equipment, and allowing our contractors access to your home and premises. It’s also important to follow our instructions when using Internet Niue services and to practise good housekeeping – like keeping your computer virus-free and regularly downloading or clearing your emails from our web server.

All in all, we think you will find the new Terms of Use Agreement to be fair and reasonable. Please read it now.

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