New websites for Niue internet service

Customers of Internet Niue now have access to two smart new websites which encourage them to ask questions, post comments and upload photos and videos.

The Internet Niue and Rocket sites are closely linked, but quite different. Internet Niue is a service funded by The IUSN Foundation, a US-based charitable corporation, from world sales of .nu domain names – especially in Sweden. Rocket is the Alofi-based business which operates the Internet Niue service and provides Niue with IT services.

Rocket owners Emani and TaniRose Fakaotimanava-Lui are enthusiastic sportspeople who are very active in the Niue community.

“We want to be more responsive to our customers in Niue and to showcase and support our unique culture in any way we can,” Emani says.

Per Darnell, chief executive of the Foundation, says the main role of the Internet Niue website is to provide up-to-date information about local internet services, such as alerting customers to scheduled outages. It also provides a way for users to report faults at any time of the day or night.

“There are tips on safe use of the internet. These are designed for parents who may be concerned about what their children could be exposed to on the net.

“In addition, there is background information and news about Internet Niue, our terms of service, how to get a connection and the like.”

The Internet Niue site has a hiapo theme and Internet Niue itself has a modern hiapo-style logo which was drawn by local artist, the late Charles Jessop. Mr Darnell says the communication of stories and images keeps a culture alive and that is what the internet is all about.

“In a gallery on the site we showcase hiapo and we would love to see this expanded. Anyone with hiapo they would like to have featured, is welcome to email us an image and we’ll put it on the web for them,” he says.

“There’s also information about Niue which we hope will be of particular interest to the children and grandchildren of Niuean families who have settled overseas, and who want to get in touch with their cultural roots.”

The Rocket Systems website has a modern Pacific theme. It showcases what Rocket has to offer its customers and has a library of local images and videos to which anyone with an interest in Niue or Niuean culture can contribute.

“We also have a ‘Just Ask’ feature which allows anyone to ask us a question or to express an opinion. This is an exciting development, which we hope customers, friends and visitors will make use of,” says Emani.

“Just don’t ask us about how to split the atom, or how to find my secret fishing holes! Stick to internet- or computer-related topics and you can expect to get a sensible answer.”

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