Big internet access

Because it has free internet, Niue has the highest level of internet penetration per head of population in the Pacific.

According to independent research by Budde Consultancy, free internet access is available to 65% of Niuean households, compared with 2% in Papua New Guinea, 8% in Vanuatu, 12% in Fiji, 26% in Palau, 30% in the Cook Islands and 61% in Guam.

The country’s only ISP, Internet Niue, set up the world’s first free nationwide WiFi Internet access service in 2003 and is continuing to expand the service. WiFi access in Niue is currently available in Alofi, Avatele, Hakupu, Liku, Lakepa, Makefu, Mutalau and Tuapa.

Connections to three remaining villages will be completed in early 2011.

The satellite bandwidth was increased from just 1Mb/s to 4Mb/s in early 2010. An additional 2Mb/s satellite service for backup and increased bandwidth is currently being installed.

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