Vanilla growers wanted

Vanilla beans from Niue have a reputation for high quality, but there are not enough beans produced to meet market demand.

Niue green vanilla beans

Niue vanilla beans, photo copyright Dreamkeeper

Niue Vanilla International sells its certified organic vanilla to Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand and is working on a deal with Japan. Owner Stanley Kalauni says the business is flourishing but needs more suppliers.

“Former growers who took part in a previous government scheme which crashed and burned, are reluctant to start farming the crop again. Once their beans were in full production no-one was buying.”

Stanley Kalauni says his company pays suppliers for beans before processing them, so the farmers know they’re always going to get their money.

Source: Radio New Zealand International

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4 Responses to Vanilla growers wanted

  1. Hi I have tried to email but it is bouncing back. We are an organic wholefood store in the South Island NZ and are interested in stocking this vanilla. Can you get smeone to email me about this!??

  2. trevor says:

    I grow vanilla on the big island of Hawaii and have been thinking of moving to the south pacific to set up business there. I grow 100% organic vanilla and Niue is attractive to me for this reason. I am also a farmer and very fond of coconuts which attracts me to a place named for them.
    What are your immigration requirements for a US citizen? I am thinking of changing my citizenship and Niue seems like a good place to me.

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