Logo designer dies

Internet Niue is saddened by the death of Niue artist Charles Jessop, the designer of the Internet Niue logo.

Mr Jessop, the art teacher at Niue High School, was one of a small group of artists who led the revival of interest in the distinctive Niuean designs traditionally used to decorate hiapo (tapa cloth). The Internet Niue logo is a modern interpretation of this art form.

Fortysix year-old Mr Jessop died from haemorrhagic dengue fever, a rare complication of dengue infection, and is survived by his wife Sema and baby Arizona. Most people infected with dengue suffer only mild symptoms such as fevers, but for an unfortunate few infection can be extremely painful or even fatal.

Niue residents have suffered from a series of dengue infections in the past 12 months. Dengue is caused by up to four virus infections spread by bites from infected mosquitoes.  The Niue Government has a major mosquito control operation underway and residents and visitors are urged to use insect repellent and to minimise skin exposure.

Many relatives of Mr Jessop returned to Niue from Auckland to attend the funeral held earlier this week in his home village of Mutalau, attended by most of the population of the island.

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3 Responses to Logo designer dies

  1. Anna Jessop says:

    Hi there, just came across your link.
    Thanks for your kind words. Our family are humbled by all the tributes received for our beloved Sale. We will miss him dearly but he will live on in Arizona.

    Kind regards
    Anna Jessop
    (sister of Charles Sale Jessop)

  2. Sorry too to hear about Sale’s untimely death. He was of course the designer of the beautiful cover page of the Niue Dictionary, Vangahau Niue. Our condolences go to his family. The Sperlich family.

  3. I am very very sorry to hear of Sale’s death. I met Sale when he was a teacher in training. He did a teaching experience with me and my classes at Pukekohe High School. Even then he showed great compassion and ability as a teacher. I know he made a real difference to many people as an artist and a teacher.
    My family and i send our love and best wishes to his family.

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