Lakepa tower now operating

A new Internet Niue transmission tower at Lakepa is now providing stable service to the north of the island.

Emani working on Internet Niue's Lakepa tower

Emani has birds for company while working on top of Internet Niue's Lakepa tower

Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui of RockET Systems, Internet Niue’s service provider, says the transmitter has been tested for more than a month with good results. Internet users in Lakepa, Mutulau and Liku will be enjoying the benefits.

“It will eventually be one of our main wifi sites. Because of its greater height, there is less interference from the rapidly growing vegetation in the area.”

The 40-metre tower, which was funded by The IUSN Foundation, is one of the tallest structures on the island. The tallest is the 85-metre Niue Broadcasting Corporation tower at Sekena.

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