Villages now focus of sponsorship

Niue’s villages are the focus of Internet Niue’s current sponsorship programme.

The IUSN Foundation that funds Internet Niue presents a $500 grant to each village council at the village’s annual show day. Foundation chief executive Per Darnell says the wifi service is free to villagers, but transmitters are normally hosted on land or buildings under the control of the village council or church.

“The sponsorship helps defray electricity charges and the cost of lawnmowing and vegetation control around wifi and transmission sites. We also encourage the villages to use the funding to raise awareness about internet issues in their community,” Mr Darnell says.

The most recent donation was made by foundation chair Frank Lui at the Makefu showday on 11 May.

In the past, The IUSN Foundation has been involved in sponsoring a wide range of activities, with an emphasis on promoting active lifestyles as part of healthy use of the internet.

Mr Darnell says the new emphasis on sponsoring the villages recognises the fact that Internet Niue’s wifi services now reach 13 of Niue’s 14 villages.

“Now that internet access is no longer a novelty, we want to remind locals that we really appreciate the contribution they make, helping us keep their free wifi service as trouble-free as possible.”
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