Free internet for Niue

Internet Niue provides internet services to those parts of the island where most people live, work and have holidays. These services are free once you have a connection which, depending on where you live, may cost as little as $25.

Our WiFi network allows you to use your laptop, PC, PSP,  smartphone, tablet, or other WiFi-enabled device to go on-line anywhere on Niue where there is WiFi coverage.

Free internet access, which benefits both Niueans and visitors, is the result of a commitment to the Government of Niue by The IUSN Foundation.

WiFi access is available in Alofi, Avatele, Hakupu, Liku, Lakepa, Makefu, Mutalau, Namukulu, Tamakautoga, Toi, Tuapa and Vaiea.  Approval by the Government of Niue has been granted for the use of the 20m Telecom tower located above Hikutavake  and as soon as we have the right equipment we will begin testing.

Meanwhile the Government of Niue and Internet Niue have been working together to ensure there there is no conflict between our network and the new Rockcel mobile phone network. Both use the 900 MHz band for transmissions.

In late 2010 RockET began trials using transmitters operating in other frequency bands in case these are needed to avoid conflict. Fortunately there has been no signal conflict as many of our existing 900 MHz transmitters are relatively new.

Internet Niue utilises Makanet to connect to the worldwide web through Speeedcast, a satellite-based internet service that has global services. Speeedcast also provides software that ensures that critical internet uses – such as email, web browsing and downloading, and social media – get priority access to the system’s bandwidth over peer-to-peer uses such as the sharing of movies.