Customer Stories

Michael Jackson

Editor, Niue Star

“I run the newspaper on Niue, but I’m based in Auckland. Without the internet, I couldn’t do my job. It keeps me in contact with friends, family and the decision makers back on the Rock … and provides an efficient way to contact thousands of our kinfolk in New Zealand and Australia.

“Internet Niue is my lifeline. While it is the best internet service in the South Pacific, it is great to hear that Internet Niue is committed to continued improvement in speed, band width and reliability.”

Birtha Tongahai

Vagahau Niue Curriculum Officer

“The internet is a major part of my lifestyle. I carry my laptop around with me to access emails at home, work and when I’m sitting in a cafe. Being able to connect virtually anywhere on the island through Internet Niue’s WiFi service is fantastic. It’s a great service.

“I’m on the internet for up to 10 hours a day, seven days a week. I need it for work and for catching up with my family overseas. But at the moment I’m doing online study with the University of the South Pacific and for that, the internet is absolutely essential.

“I gather that students on other islands have to pay a lot for internet access. Having it free in Niue is of immense benefit to me.”

Angela Tuhipa

Co-owner, Stuff IT

“I have been using the internet ever since, well … it seems like forever! It’s hard to imagine a time when the internet didn’t exist and how we’d cope without it.

“At work I spend 3-4 hours a day on emails and the web. In the evenings and weekends I use it for keeping in touch with family in New Zealand, and for downloading music and videos.

“I think the service we get from Internet Niue is absolutely fantastic and I’m sick and tired of hearing politicians running it down.

“Of course, when the internet started we used it only for emails. Now we want to do downloads and gaming, which means Internet Niue has had to provide us with more and more bandwidth and speed. Keep up the good work guys!

“One thing I’m looking forward to seeing completed are WiFi connections to all villages. Having every house and business on the island able to access WiFi will be a real feather in Niue’s cap.”