Elsewhere in the Pacific

Niue has the best internet service in the South Pacific. It’s also free to all users regardless of how much use they make of the service.
Hiapo, 192 x 174cm, Auckland Institute and Museum

Hiapo 220 x 240 cm acquired in 1895, Auckland Institute and Museum

In Tonga, dial-up connections cost from T20 – T40 [$NZ13-27] a month for a very slow and unreliable service. Broadband operating at a similar speed to Internet Niue’s WiFi network costs from T230 ($NZ156) a month.

In Samoa, dial-up plans start at S19.95 [$NZ10] a month with regular users paying S89.95 [$NZ45] for 70 hours use. WiFi broadband access, similar to Niue’s, costs from S99 to S899 [$NZ49-445] a month.

In the Cook Islands, dial-up services start at $20 a month, plus a $25 registration fee. Regular users pay $120 a month for 50 hours use. WiFi broadband, similar to Niue, costs from $119 a month, plus an installation fee of $75.

In New Zealand, subscribers to Telecom’s dialup service pay $10 a month for 30 hours use, $16 for 150 hours use and $27 a month for unlimited use. A $27.95 connection fee also applies.

Niue is the only country in the world that  provides internet services free to all users once they have paid a $25 connection fee.