Grants & Sponsorship

Internet Niue is a keen supporter of the Niue community, providing grants and sponsorships to assist community organisations and activities. In recent years, Internet Niue has wanted to emphasise the importance of regular exercise as part of a balanced and healthy life style.

Touch rugby

Touch rugby (normally known as ‘touch’) is popular in Niue. It requires speed, agility and excellent ball skills. Because it does not involve physical contact, men and women, youths and adults can play together.

For several years, Internet Niue was the major sponsor of the Niue Island Touch Association, enabling NITA teams to compete at the South Pacific Games and other regional and international tournaments.


During 2010, Internet Niue was the principal sponsor of athletics in Niue and also paid for the uniforms of the Niue Commonwealth Games team in Delhi.

Its support for the Niue Athletics Association included:

  • An electronic timer for local competition
  • All the travel and uniform costs for the Niue team at the Oceania athletics championships in Cairns in September

In Delhi and Cairns, the Niue teams performed well. But the main purpose of the sponsorship was to communicate the message that while the internet offers huge benefits to the people of Niue, it is still important to lead a balanced life style which includes regular exercise.

“The NAA in particular has been very successful in getting most villages and the young and the old involved in athletics. I can’t think of any other country that has achieved this level of community involvement in any form of exercise. It is truly impressive,” says Per Darnell, president of The IUSN Foundation that funds Internet Niue.

“The internet is fantastic. It makes Niue part of the global village. But internet users also need to remember to keep fit – and what better place to do it than in Niue’s great outdoors.”