Terms & Conditions

Internet Niue’s Terms & Conditions govern the customer’s connection to and use of the Internet Niue service, as well as any electronic transmission sent, received, posted, accessed, or stored via the Internet Niue network.

In connecting to and using the Internet Niue service you are deemed to have agreed to the Terms & Conditions and the Acceptable Use Policy [collectively the Agreement].

1.  Our commitment to you

Internet Niue and our service provider Rocket Systems will always do their best to provide you with reliable and high quality internet services. However we cannot guarantee that our services will always be fault-free.

If there is a problem with our services please contact Rocket Systems and they will endeavour to restore your service as soon as possible. For advice on the use of our services email: support@niue.nu

2.    Your obligations

As a customer of Internet Niue:

a)    You must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and Terms & Conditions

b)    You must not use, attempt to use or allow others to use the service in a way that, in Internet Niue’s reasonable opinion, interferes with other customers’ use or enjoyment of the service or interferes with our efficient or proper operation of the service.

c)    You accept responsibility for any of our equipment in your home or under your control.  You must:

  1. Follow our instructions about the correct use of our equipment and services
  2. Not tamper or interfere with our equipment or systems either physically or electronically
  3. Contact our service provider Rocket Systems if any of our equipment is lost, stolen or damaged
  4. Take responsibility for repairing or replacing any item of equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged while under your control; and
  5. Return any equipment of ours when your service is terminated by you or us,  or within 7 days of any request by us.

d)    You agree to allow us reasonable access on Internet Niue business. This includes:

  1. Giving Rocket Systems staff and contractors safe access to your home or premises to install, maintain and/or disconnect our equipment or for any other reasonable purpose; and
  2. Accepting emails and other communications about Internet Niue services from time to time.

e)    You agree to regularly clear or download your emails from your Internet Niue webmail account.

Because our mail servers are not intended to provide long-term storage for emails and other data, Internet Niue reserves the right to delete old emails from customer accounts and to close inactive accounts, within 30 days of giving the customer notice at their last known email address.

3.  Limitation of liability

a)    Internet access

Despite our best endeavours, Internet Niue cannot guarantee that the service we provide will be continuous, accessible at all times or fault-free.  Nor, because of geographic limitations, can we guarantee to provide connections or services in all locations.

Please understand that:

  1. We are not liable for any disruption to the satellite service that links Internet Niue to the global internet, storm damage, or other Acts of God.
  2. We are not liable for any disruption to our services caused by other factors beyond our reasonable control, including sabotage, embargo, malicious damage, riot or war, Government intervention or disruption to our electricity supply.
  3. We are not liable for special, incidental or consequential damages including loss of profits or business interruption.
  4. We reserve the right not to connect (or reconnect) services to your home or other premises if in our opinion it is uneconomic, unsafe or impracticable to do so.
  5. We reserve the right to disconnect you from our services if in our opinion your activities are in breach of this Agreement or disrupt or unduly overload the Internet Niue network.

b)    Third party services

Internet Niue cannot accept responsibility or provide support for email services provided to our customers by third parties (such as Gmail, Hotmail or Xtra).

Rocket Systems Limited, independently of Internet Niue, provides computer servicing, software, hardware and other IT goods and services to the people of Niue. Internet Niue accepts no liability for these goods and services. Any redress must be sought directly from Rocket Systems Limited

4.  Charges for the Internet Niue service

There is a one-off connection fee for Internet Niue’s services. Once you have been connected, you will be able to access the internet for free.

Internet Niue reserves the right to, at any time, increase the connection fee and/or introduce internet user charges over and above its connection fee.

5.  Agreement terms

a)    For new users, this Agreement commences on the payment of the connection fee

b)    For existing users, this Agreement replaces any previous Agreement you may have with us. It applies from the date of publication on our  website

c)     By using our services or continuing to use our services such use means you accept the terms of this Agreement

d)    The Agreement may be modified or terminated at any time by Internet Niue. While Internet Niue reserves the right to do this without notice, it will endeavour to give customers reasonable notice of any significant changes

e)    If you do not agree to these terms, please discontinue using our services.

6.  Breach of Agreement

Internet Niue reserves the right to monitor your use of its service to investigate a breach (or suspected breach) of the Acceptable Use Policy and/or the Terms & Conditions.

Acceptable Use Policy

Download a PDF copy of the Terms of Use Agreement


Rocket Systems Limited connects customers to the Internet Niue service, and maintains the Internet Niue WiFi network.

Rocket Systems Limited, PO Box 229, Fatalupe, Alofi, Niue
Tel: +683 4638, Fax: +683 4237;
Email: Rocket Systems Contact Form


For advice about the effective use of Internet Niue services,  please email: support@niue.nu


Information regarding alleged breaches of copyright or intellectual property rights should be sent to: Internet Niue Contact Form


Information regarding illegal use of the Internet Niue service should be sent to: Internet Niue Contact Form


Complaints regarding the service  provided by Internet Niue should be sent to: Internet Niue Contact Form