Network Status

Please see below for any known issues on the Internet Niue network:

04/08/12 – POWER OUTAGE: Due to electrical power outages to the northern half of Niue starting from Alofi Central to Liku, there have been wifi outages in several areas.  Power has been restored to Alofi North but until the electrical fault has been fixed, there will be no wifi service for those affected parts of Niue.

11/06/12 – Due to an email system intrusion in our mail servers that occurred 11/06/12, all emails were affected.  We have corrected the problem and it should take at least 24hrs for other mail servers to start accepting mail from again.  Please be patient as mail starts to flow again and if you have any other problems please feel free to use our page – “Report a fault” located on this website or contact us directly at RockET Systems, Alofi, Niue.