Hiapo Gallery

Hiapo is the Niuean word for tapa cloth. Traditionally it was patterned with designs unique to the island, many of them depicting events that were topical at the time the hiapo was painted. In recent years, hiapo art has been enjoying a revival.

This linkage between Niuean culture and the communication of stories and images makes hiapo imagery an ideal theme for this website as well as for the Internet Niue logo. The hiapo design used for the Internet Niue logo, created by local artist, the late Charles Jessop, captures the essence of our WiFi network as reaches into homes and offices to aid communications with the outside world.

The traditional hiapo images on this site have been republished with the kind permission of the owners. The best source of information about traditional hiapo is John Pule’s book: Hiapo Past and Present in Niuean Barkcloth.